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Arihant Institute for C.A. was started in 2000, in small premise at Navrangpura with 50 students. Today the Arihant Institute is one of the premier private Institute of preference for C.A.

Arihant Institute is now located in the central area at Naranpura, Ahmedabad with its own premises. The institute is easily approachable for local and outside students as well. The institute is planned with all the necessary facilities as education centre. Classrooms are airconditioned, spacious and having pleasant interior. The classrooms are equipped with C.C.T.V. for close monitoring for maintaining teaching standards and discipline. The institute is run with code of conducts for faculty and students. Management team, faculty and supporting staff, all are dedicated to the objective of imparting the best education with “Knowledge Based” approach.

Classroom teaching is followed by tests and exams. Students are provided best possible support by way of discussions with faculty members for difficulties, back-up lectures, counseling and guidance. Very competitive and comprehensive Data Bank of questions and necessary study materials are prepared by faculty members. Assessment and exams are carried out with computerized evaluation system so that the results and feedback on performance of individual students are available in shortest possible time. Teaching schedules, tests and exams, performance of students etc. are planned and carried out conforming with the scheme, standards and examination programmes of ICAI. The students - faculty relations are open and transparent for academic support.

So far 1280 students have passed C.A. final examination and are now recognized as competent C.A. Our list of successful students are rock solid proof of our academic excellence.

At present Arihant is serving approximate 3000 students at different levels.

Arihant Institute is dedicated to “Knowledge Based Education”. Past and present students say with pride “Arihant Institute for C.A.” is the best.

One acute problem faced by the coaching class industry, is paucity of competent faculty. This constraint imposes limitations on expansion beyond geographical boundaries. Satellite Learning Programme addresses this problem effectively without losing quality of coaching.

An out of box Learning Experience; Satellite Learning Programme has two way audio – video facilities consisting of three major elements: 1) Teaching end   2) Remote Learning Centers called “Classrooms” and   3) The Satellite.

The lectures, from the teaching end are transmitted to the satellite, which are beamed back to the different study centers through the hub of the technology provider, thereby creating a “Virtual Classroom”.

The aim of the concept is to allows exchange of knowledge beyond geographical boundaries; effectively and inexpensively.
The learning centers have all the facilities for the normal classroom plus a projection screen, a computer and LCD Projector and audio system.

These lectures are followed by interactive student faculty session when the subject expert gives answers to the students’ queries through a voice link via satellite.